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Course Description:

This course is designed to prepare graduates for a career in entrepreneurship. As an entry-level program in the field, it will provide the graduate with the knowledge, skills and attitude they will need to either provide the entrepreneurship services needed in the economy or employ themselves and become creators of the much-needed jobs, instead of becoming job seekers. In addition, this program aims at instilling in the learners’ minds, the culture of self-employment and income generation.

Introduction to Entrepreneurship

  • Defining Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurs
  • Characteristics and Mindset of Successful Entrepreneurs
  • The Role of Entrepreneurship in the Economy
  • Identifying Entrepreneurial Opportunities
  • Entrepreneurship as a Career Choice

Business Ideation and Opportunity Assessment

  • Generating Business Ideas
  • Evaluating Market Demand and Competition
  • Conducting Feasibility Studies
  • Identifying Niche Markets
  • Selecting the Right Business Idea

Business Planning and Strategy

  • Importance of a Business Plan
  • Elements of a Comprehensive Business Plan
  • Setting Clear Business Goals and Objectives
  • Developing a Unique Value Proposition
  • Creating a Business Model Canvas

Legal and Regulatory Considerations

  • Choosing a Business Structure
  • Registering a Business and Obtaining Permits
  • Intellectual Property Protection
  • Compliance with Taxation and Employment Laws
  • Contracts and Agreements

Financing and Funding Your Venture

  • Sources of Startup Capital
  • Bootstrapping Vs External Funding
  • Pitching to Investors and Lenders
  • Financial Forecasting and Budgeting
  • Managing Cash Flow

Marketing and Sales Strategies

  • Developing a Marketing Plan
  • Building Your Brand and Online Presence
  • Target Audience Identification
  • Sales Funnel and Customer Acquisition
  • Pricing Strategies and Revenue Models

Operations and Management

  • Setting Up Efficient Business Operations
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Inventory and Quality Control
  • Scaling Your Business

Growth, Innovation, and Risk Management

  • Scaling Strategies
  • Innovation and Adaptation in Entrepreneurship
  • Identifying and Mitigating Business Risks
  • Crisis Management and Contingency Planning
  • Measuring Success and Celebrating Milestones

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