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We are fully Accredited by NACTVET, We are fully Registered by NACTVET with REG. NACTVET/1040P, The Bridge for your Educational careers and Goals, Recognized and well trusted in Tanzania & World wide, Having Dedicated modern ICT Laboratory tools and equipment’s Practical and research driven in all courses that we provide.

Welcome Message We are pleased to introduce you to the Vertex Training center. Choosing the right Training center is a major decision and it’s important that you choose the one that is right for you. Our website indicates what it is like to be a Student at Vertex Training center in the words of the people who know it best – our students, past and present, and staff. However, a website can only go so far, and the best way to gain an insight into life at Vertex Training Center is to visit us and experience it for yourself.
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You should strive for excellence in your work by setting and then exceeding goals. Excellence is about striving to be better, with the end goal of providing consistent quality work. To achieve excellence in your day to day, you need to spend time practicing and developing new skills.

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VGE Vocational Training Center provides quality education in all courses offered by creating an intellectual, collaborative, ethical and inclusive environment for students, staff, industry, and the community to produce innovative educational, leadership and research opportunities. Students learn from a comprehensive set of core requirements and practical experiences that prepare them for a variety of careers. VGE Vocational Training Center offers practical oriented courses, thereby offering a progressive learning platform that fosters entrepreneurial spirit, creativity and innovation. Highly skilled lecturing staff ensure that students receive the latest transfer of skills which enables them to face present and future challenges of the industry in Tanzania as well as abroad. Courses are developed and updated in close cooperation with industry to ensure they are relevant to the industry. In pursuit of teaching excellence VGE Vocational Training Center uses various innovative teaching methods and adopts lab-based approaches to learning. Interactivity and continuous two-way communication between lecturers and students are deeply embedded in teaching and represents the basis of courses delivery. Observations, reflection journals, mind maps, role playing, group assignments, simulations, lab work, written/oral/mixed media projects, problem-solving opportunities (case study analysis), discussions, thematic debates, reflection journals, inquiry-based learning, the use of multimedia and technological solutions in presenting student work.


To be recognized as the best diversified company in Tanzania


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Educating all students to achieve today and tomorrow in a global community and economy.