Basic Computer Application

Course Description:

This course is an introduction to the most common microcomputer software applications. It covers software packages such as Word Processing, Spreadsheet (Excel), Acess, and Presentation (PowerPoint). Upon completion of the course, you will be able to utilize selected features of these packages in perfoming your daily duties. 

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Practice Areas

Microsoft Word

Participants will learn to use Microsoft Word to produce professional-looking documents. Features included are typing, formatting, editing, document spacing, margins, page numbering and saving a document.


Microsoft Excel

This training provides all the tools necessary to create and use basic spreadsheets. Participants will receive an overview of the interface and learn the various methods for entering and editing data. Additionally, participants will learn the various ways to write simple formulas.


Microsofts Power point

Practise using useful PowerPoint tools and functions to prepare creative designs and slides. Gain a superior understanding of the various PowerPoint tools, and how they can be used in your presentations, to create impactful and professional PowerPoint presentations.


Microsoft publisher

In this course, you will create, format, edit, and share publications. You will: Perform basic tasks in the Microsoft Publisher interface. Add content to a publication. Format text and paragraphs in a publication.


Internet& email

The course it designed to explain guidelines on the correct use of IT facilities as well as the consequences of misuse. It outlines what is included within the category of IT facilities such as software applications, email, internet and social media, and how to use them appropriately.